HORMETA Laboratories
Producing Trace Element Cosmetic
since 1949

The story of this prestigious brand has its roots in the overlooking Lake Geneva. In 1949, the chemist, herbalist and researcher Maurice Chaponnier uncovered the incredible effect of trace elements on the human organism and specifically, the skin.

A pioneer in his field, he decided to incorporate trace elements into cosmetic products, and founded the Hormeta Laboratories.

Today, this family-run company continues the work initiated by its founder. The first and only range of products to incorporate trace elements while respecting their optimum concentration levels, Hormeta products help strengthen skin’s capacity to fight oxidative stress and slow down the signs of cutaneous aging.

Equipped with their own research and manufacturing unit, the Hormeta Laboratories remain innovators in the use of trace elementsand continue to perfect exclusive complexes.

Drawing on their expertise and sense of excellence, they offer a full range of tailored, prestigious and effective products that meet a variety of cutaneous needs.

Swiss Cos Guaranty

Today, more than 60 years after it was first founded, the Hormeta Laboratories continue their work in Switzerland, on-site in Bursins, near Geneva.

From research and development to manufacturing, logistics and commercial and marketing strategy via packaging and dispatch, the Hormeta Laboratories oversee all step of the production chain in a centralized system that ensures total control over the excellence of their products.

Synonymous with quality since their beginnings in 1949, the swiss Hormeta Laboratories are members of « Swisscoss », the Swiss Cosmetics Association that guarantees manufacturing, and packaging of their products in Switzerland. They have also been awarded ISO certification that guaranties best manufacturing practices.


Trace Elements

Trace Elements, skin's key allies

Perfected through years of research, Hormeta products are enriched with trace elements,providing a tailored solution to each and every skin type.

Trace elements are minerals that occur naturally in the human body in trace quantitiesand are essential in activating vital bodily functions and ensuring cells function healthily: they help cell growth and balance and help preserve cell integrity. Trace elements play a key anti-oxidant roleby reinforcing skin’s natural defense mechanisms. Thanks to their combined effects,they have an incredible ability to boost hydration and prevent skin aging.

Unique Products and Expertise

Depending on the specific need, six trace elements (cooper, iron, manganese, zinc, silicon and magnesium)are carefully measured and combined in precise concentrations to enable total synergy. Tailored to suit each specific dermatological issue, Hormeta’s exclusive trace element complexes help maintainperfectly balanced and nourished skin.

Honing their sense of tradition and authenticity, Hormeta draws on the rich mineral and vegetal diversityof Switzerland’s natural environment to select high-performance active ingredients and natural plant extractsto include in the development of their unique formulas. Incredibly effective performance from tailor-madeproducts for balanced, glowing skin that radiates beauty.


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